Room Setup and AV Requirements

Room Setup and AV Requirements


(Tipping Point™, Lost Dutchman™, Money$mart™, Coalitions 2020™)

Very important: To minimize interruptions and increase participation, place coffee and other refreshments inside the room rather than outside the room. To increase interaction, please provide nametags for each participant with their first names in as big letters as possible.


  • 1 large round table for every 6 participants, six chairs at every table.
  • 1 large (2'x5' or larger) square table with two chairs at the front of the room for every 36 participants.
  • 1 small (3'x3') draped round or square table with one chair for AV equipment, to be placed approximately 8' in front of....
  • A projection screen (we will bring a Laptop)
  • An LCD, with at least a 25' Extension Cord, plus a Power Strip with at least 4 outlets.
  • 1 Lavalier Wireless Microphone with handheld backup connected to the room PA system.
  • Audio cable to connect our PC to the PA system using a standard headphone plug.