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  • Leverage Point™ had more to do with discovering how out of touch some OD people can be with the realities of corporate life. Corporate Mirror™ presented a solid consulting foundation and whetted my appetite for learning more skills, but the experience underlined to me that OD has to continue in its efforts to become more relevant or many practitioners will be left behind."


    "Soup to nuts on external/internal consulting "


    "OD can be very touchy-feely. This class does not overwhelm you yet the participant walks away with a balance of that and with tools for their belt."


    "Invigorating, nurturing, challenging, scary, and deep - I came away with more than I every thought I would."


    "George took a potentially complex process and provided a format that opened up several very do-able possibilities."


    "I love what I do. It's the only profession I've ever known that lets me use all my skills. Once I had my first client--conducted my first workshop--I knew this was what I was going to do for the rest of my life. One of the things I like about George Smart is that he believes people have all they need right inside them. He provides something that jump-starts them. I've seen him do that a lot--get folks on the right track."


    "George Smart's Leverage Point™ is an absolute must for anyone working in the Training and Organizational Development field. From dealing with clients to analyzing organizational needs to prescribing interventions, George covers it all, and covers it well."

    Consulting Skills : Corporate MirrorTM

    Essential OD Consulting Skills Development for internal or external professionals tasked with consulting responsibilities.

    Corporate Mirror is offered with a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 14 people per session.

    For internal staff or HR professionals who want to enhance their skills, Corporate Mirror is nationally known training in OD consulting. Through hands-on instruction in critical concepts and models, participants learn to help client organizations make more successful decisions. Unlike longer, more expensive programs, our three days bring a proven return on investment using hands-on client/consultant simulations, case studies, and structured feedback. Corporate Mirror teaches critical consulting skills essential to engaging, diagnosing, and serving management and line clients using real-life work problems as the basis for learning.  Organizations such as Nortel, Bayer, GSK, and the CIA have all regularly trained their HR professionals using this proven methodology.


    Corporate Mirroruses cutting-edge two live client/consultant simulations derived from real-life work experiences combined with teaching in best practices. While problem-solving, participants also sharpen their skills in discernment, intuition, authenticity, and trust-building. Each participant takes home effective consulting models, realistic results and limits of consulting, and their own aptitude towards the consulting role.

    Objectives: Participants Will:

    • Understand some of the most effective models for consulting
    • Identify the 9 consulting roles and when to choose each one
    • Identify the 3 types of clients and their underlying needs
    • Understand the difference between willingness versus client readiness
    • Learn how to get the most from client meetings
    • Understand the benefits and limits of internal consulting
    • Use facilitative questioning to get critical information quickly and respectfully
    • Develop and use several organizational change models
    • Demonstrate the major steps in the consulting process
    • Understand how to bring a consulting assignment to closure
    • Identify re-contracting needs


    Each day combines course leader presentations combined with individual, small group, and large group activities. Each participant receives the extensive Corporate Mirror Workbook which contains course materials plus consulting resources.

    • Day 1: Welcome and Overview, Key Consulting Terms and Models, Practice in Client Entry
    • Day 2: Contracting and Organizational Readiness, Common Client and Consultant Mistakes, Practice in Client Contracting
    • Day 3: Feedback and Choosing Interventions, Diagnosis, Individual Feedback, Group Feedback, Practice in Group Feedback and Recommending Interventions,
    • Day 3.5: Workplace Re-Entry, Team Re-Contracting, Selling Consulting Services, Summary, Course Evaluation

    Key Topics

    • Benefits and Limits to Consulting
    • Why 70-85% of Change Programs Fail
    • Five Stages of Consulting
    • Three Types of Clients
    • Models of Organizational Change
    • Nine Effective Consulting Roles
    • Choosing the Appropriate Consulting Role
    • Five Typical Client Roles
    • Building Organizational Models and How to Use Them
    • Entry: Establishing Trust and Rapport
    • Diagnosis and Data Gathering
    • Selling into Corporations
    • Tools for Feedback and Gaining Agreement
    • Re-Contracting When Things Change:  Skills in Renegotiating Scope, Outcomes, and Methods

    Group Size

    "An extraordinary learning and social experience"

    "Practical learning and excellent resources"

    "A simulation that really worked."

    "The process and how to apply it to our current situation was exceptional. "

    "Extremely intense—it made the total time investment effective."

    "I learned that the parameters of the work must be very clearly understood and agreed to by the parties involved before jumping in with a solution."

    "I gained an understanding of the framework of the organization development process and the importance of
    each stage."

    "The human element made this course stand out for me as one of the better training classes I have attended."

    "I learned what consulting is and is not, and I gained a structure/process to help in learning how to
    apply organization development in my workplace."

    "Stunningly eye-opening; a great shift in observational frames of perspective and assessment."


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