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    "George Smart came into my life when my business was only two years old and I was struggling personally and professionally. He enabled me to get clear on all my goals and coached me through realizing more success than even I imagined."

    Michelle Rich, Rich Commercial Realty


    “George worked carefully with us to develop a program specifically tailored to our needs. He was the consummate professional and was a joy to work with. His training programs deliver results.”

    Professor Suzyn Ornstein, Suffolk University


    "George's stories accented the workshop and provided real examples in the business world. George did a great job putting it in perspective on what levers are critical at what point in the process. Ranks as one of the best exercises we did. I got huge benefit from my conversations with George. He raised some excellent points that will benefit me to no end."

    Boeing Leadership Center


    "Please accept my sincere and enthusiastic THANK YOU for helping with our staff day last Friday!! We really enjoyed your program and I received wonderful comments from my colleagues. I would welcome the opportunity to recommend your program to others for staff retreats or association programs and will do so whenever I have the opportunity."

    Tina C. Gordon, CAE, RCE, NC Nurses Association


    "Thank you so much for playing a vital role in the success of the NSPE Annual Convention and Expo in San Antonio, Texas. Sharing your expertise....was a service to the engineering profession and the engineering industry. We have received very positive feedback on this year's education sessions, and you are the reason!"

    Mary Maul, National Society of Professional Engineers


    "George's interactive style was perfect for our scientists and engineers who are smart, cynical, and tired of talking heads. Everyone learned and had a great time! Without question he was the highlight of our conference."



    "We have hired many speakers, but George got the best reviews -- and the most requests to have him back for more."

    UNC-Charlotte OD Certificate Program


    "Our work with George Smart resulted in a more cohesive and dynamic executive management team. We brought him back many times to guide us in everything from team development to personally coaching some of my top people, including me. George is very reliable, quick, with a relaxed but engaging style. It was a pleasure working with him and I would recommend that any CEO wanting expertise in team dynamics to obtain his services."

    Jim Walker, Partner, The Advisory Group


    "George Smart has a head for facts and an ear for a good sound bite; he's professional, knowledgeable and consummately at ease on-camera, making for a fast and productive interview. When you need a speaker to summarize complex (and even contradictory) facts in a precise, conversational, and viewer-friendly way, he's your guy."

    Marcy Marzuki, Producer of "The Templar Code" for the History Channel


    "One of the things I like about George Smart is that he believes people have all they need right inside them. He provides something that jump-starts them. I've seen him do that a lot--get folks on the right track."

    Brenda Howerton, President, The Howerton Group


    “Oh hell yes, big reflections on the meeting. BIG! GIANOURMOUS! We refer to it as our “spanking by George.” But a well-needed, well-received spanking. It forced us to focus.“

    Dan Lucas, IEShop, NC State University


    "Thank you for the wonderful presentation you gave at the June meeting of the Raleigh Wake Human Resource Management Association. Your presentation both captivated and informed us. Your knowledge of the subject and enthusiasm for your profession was very evident."

    Paul Wasylkevych, Vice President, SHRM


    "George Smart is different. It was amazing how he got so many people to interact and come alive."

    The Johns Hopkins University


    "We heard it all, then we focused on what would be feasible for us to do. Without George Smart, this approach wouldn't have happened."

    Dr. Charles Hamner, Former President, NC Biotechnology Center


    "I can't thank George enough for customizing his Lost Dutchman program for our team. We never thought our large group could be so interactive for three hours!"

    Columbia Schools, Columbia MI


    “George Smart is a exceptional motivator and, through seminars and simulations, a successful teacher of new, exciting methods for accomplishing business results.” 

    Jim Joyce, President, Sales Partners


    "George Smart's Corporate Mirror is an absolute must for anyone working in the Training and Organizational Development field. From dealing with clients to analyzing organizational needs to prescribing interventions, George covers it all, and covers it well."

    Jeff Gossett, Director of Training and Organizational Improvement, Bowater


    "The comments at lunch were VERY positive...your comfortable style and humor allowed everyone to feel at ease and safe. You are very good at what you do."

    Ann Davis, President, For Homebuyers


    "There are a lot of exciting things going on with the company now. Working with George gave us focus. It can be tough to take a step back and do something like calling someone in from the outside, but, relatively speaking, it's a small price to pay for the direction the company has gotten."

    Robert Barker, President, The Bob Barker Company


    "Corporate Mirror presented a solid consulting foundation and whetted my appetite for learning more skills, but the experience underlined to me that OD has to continue in its efforts to become more relevant or many practitioners will be left behind."

    Diane Fulcher, Manager Workforce Development, Siemens


    "I recommend George to any entrepreneur who is starting a new business, changing careers or is just "stuck" and not having any fun. The smartest decision I made was asking George to help grow my business. Without him, it would have taken four years to gain what I’ve achieved in two."

    Scott Harmon, CEO, Center Studio Architecture


    “I am one of those fortunate people to have worked with George on some things as well as seen him present. He does what he says he will do in a timely manner, he responds for requests for assistance, he is an excellent presenter and is more than a pleasure to be his friend and associate. He is on a short list of trusted and dependable colleagues.” 

    Scott Simmerman, Performance Management Company


    “I have known George for over 20 years. When I bring him to work with my clients, they have been very satisfied. He brings a sense of strategy, focus and fun to the table. He is very bright, well rounded and able to address a wide variety of interests. He is well known in Research Triangle Park or at least he seems to know everyone! He is a true friend and colleague.”

    George Alwon, Raleigh Consulting Group


    “George is an intuitive diagnostician, a master reframer, and an entertaining speaker. I learn something each time I am around him. His knowledge, experience, and intellect allow him to help executives and managers work through knotty problems and connect dots in breakthrough ways.” 

    Michelle Carter, VP PeopleFit


    “I have worked with George in producing executive-level development trainings and we have referred clients to each other over the years. I have seen him both "on-stage" and in less formal settings. George is a man of the highest integrity, consistently manifiesting discipline, creativity, and serious playfulness while always tracking the business interests of his clients. I trust my clients and friends will always get the best service available when George has his hand on the tiller.” 

    Thomas Griggs, New Science Consulting Group


    “George is an engaging, high-energy consultant who challenges leaders to lead and make a real impact in the organizations they serve. During the time we worked together, I could count on George to find new ways of delivering key messages and finding engaging ways to make those messages stick.”

    Dr. Ollie Malone, Olive Tree Associates


    “George has an amazing capacity to use simulations to help people truly gain a deeper awareness of various business processes. He is very bright, very engaging and always very intersting. These attributes create an environment that is charged with excitement and a challenge to learn. I highly recommend him for any possible engagement (He coached a friend of mine and she had very high praise for him in that capacity), as you will always leave with new insights that will enhance your personal and business life.”

    Hope Hills, Circle Consulting Group


    “George Smart lives up to his surname. He is one of the brightest individuals you could meet and has used his tremendous insights and talents to serve customers and clients in a wide variety of industries. Make George a part of your system and he will help to improve all of your systems.” 

    Jeff Davidson, Breathing Space Institute


    “I've worked with George in various capacities and have always experienced him as knowledgeable, creative and an exceptional coach and consultant. George has great ideas and asks wonderful questions, the kind that get you thinking deeply and generating solutions. I consider him an expert in his field and would not hesitate to consult with him on any project.” 

    Linda Smith, RTI International

    Research Triangle Park, North Carolina USA